About Us

Global Trainers is India's fastest growing online B2B marketplace for online Technical training, connecting Trainers with Students. We are a marketplace for Technical training where students can find top trainers worldwide & pursue training in their preferred language.




Global Trainers - Trainers

  • Enhanced visibility across the Globe
  • Convenience of connecting with Students anytime, anywhere
  • We support more than 25+ International Languages
  • We charge a very nominal platform fee for getting the contact details of the enrolled students

Global Trainers - Students

  • You can find best Trainers worldwide based upon ratings
  • We have Trainers from 25+ International languages so that you can take training in your preferred language
  • Convenience of connecting with Trainers anytime, anywhere
  • We don't charge anything to the Student for enrollments

We have two offices in India (Bangalore & New Delhi)

*All given figures are as on Dec 15, 2021